nonbin(1) NAME nonbin - a minimal paste service USAGE GET /<id>/[/<file name>] get a paste's contents by ID and optional file name. POST / upload a paste. if the request's Content-Type is multipart/form-data, then the first multipart field in the request will be uploaded as a file. if successful, the server will respond with 201 Created and a JSON body like the following: { "id": "<id>", "url": "<file url>", "delete_key": "<delete key>" } the secret delete key can be used to delete the paste at a later date. DELETE /<id>?delete_key=<delete_key> delete a paste by ID and delete key. NOTES pastes expire in 72 hours. EXIF data is not stripped. if you run into any problems, send an email to to help@[this domain name] or open a ticket in the issue tracker. SOURCE (AGPL v3)